‚ÄčEver since discovering John Cage's use of the iChing as part of his Music for Changes I have been fascinated by the use of the Book of Changes as a tool for divination. 

I have always wanted to write an application to make the process of rolling the iChing easy, and when I started writing iOS applications, this seemed like a natural iPhone project. 

I originally conceived of the application as having two screens, one that showed the iChing hexagram and some general information, and a second that showed a more detailed interpretation.

It became clear during development that these two screens could, in fact, be one, and that animation could be used to show the relationship between the elements on the two screens much more strongly than a page-swapping transition. 

The iChing roller thus became an opportunity to master the art of interface animations, which produce a serenity in the interface that matches the subject matter. 

‚ÄčiChing roller is available in the Apple App Store.


iChing roller