kant generator

This interface allows users to control a wide range of LED possibilities in a simple, intuitive manner.

iChing roller


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How can reuse organizations make donating items easier? A mobile app can make reuse more convenient.


Kinescribe is an iPad application that is a digital editor for Labanotation, a system of movement notation that allows movement to be recorded on paper for archiving and reconstruction. 

pen control

Using animation to enliven interfaces, bring attention to important information, and show the relationship between screens is part and parcel of today's UIs.



A SaaS solution that allows engineers to control functionality on a UCB-C evaluation board, eliminating the need for complicated test apparatus.


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reuse central

Loopback fosters feedback within an EMT station, ensuring each member receives the training they need.

An exercise in creating a restful, zen-like interface that helps guide users through the power of the iChing.

The control of pen and tablet settings across multiple applications had become cumbersome, and the settings were hard to find. This solution fixed both user problems.

LED controller


motion studies

An app that combines my love of linguistics and computer science, producing text in the style of Immanuel Kant