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Reuse Central makes donating unwanted items to reuse centers easier by simplifying the process of finding the right reuse center and by providing all the information a reuse center needs to decide if a donation is appropriate. For donors, we designed a mobile app that takes a picture of the items being offered for donation, and for reuse organizations we built a website that enables them to see all the materiel for pickup in the region, and coordinate with donors.

The iChing Roller is a simple application to roll the iChing and offer help in interpreting the results. It is a tool for those who love of chance processes that are controlled by rules. Initially conceived as a simple two-screen interface with a master-detail relationship, it quickly became clear that using animations to transition between the screens offered a more subtle and appropriate user experience.

Loopback fosters feedback within an EMT station, ensuring each member receives the training they need. Proper training prevents errors that could lead to EMT endangerment, patient mistreatment, or improper administrative handling. Loopback promotes training and fosters a positive work environment by providing a central place for evaluations to happen.

Pen Control evolved as a result of work on Wacom's pen control panel. This version was redesigned to simplify the common workflows, to make the interface more touch friendly, and to update the look and feel of their software to a more contemporary aesthetic.

​​​​Kinescribe is a translation of LabanWriter, a movement notation editor for the Mac, to the iPad. The new platform required careful consideration of how user interaction would work without the aid of a cursor, while at the same time offering an opportunity to improve functionality over the desktop version. KineScribe is available in the Apple App Store.